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Hair Transplant In Guwahati – Hair Transplant North East

The Top 10 Risks With Cosmetic Surgery – Clarify Clinic

Innovation and proven hair transplant techniques have placed Doctor at the forefront of the hair restoration. Doctor Porag Neog use state-of-the-art equipment and hair transplan t techniques. At Monjoven we understand that the expectation of our patients and thrive in providing the best results in the industry. We have hundreds of photos and videos in our gallery. Amazing results are consistently achieved by our hair transplan t surgeon Dr. Porag Neog, who has raised the bar for standard-of-care expected by hair loss sufferers. Hair transplant patients from all over the North East enjoy the rewards of hair restoration surgery performed by Dr.
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You need to know, whether you elect to have cosmetic surgery, or whether you require the more specialised reconstructive plastic surgery, all surgery carries serious risks. So What Are The Top 10 Risks With Cosmetic Surgery? They are: Numbness or other changes in skin sensation Anaesthesia risks Skin discolouration and/or prolonged swelling Since youve come this far with the Top 10, lets give you a bonus: 7 Cosmetic Surgery Risks You Want To Be Aware Of: Fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die (fat necrosis) Major wound separation Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications Possibility of revisional surgery Suboptimal aesthetic result Just be aware that, like all forms of surgery, cosmetic surgery is real surgery, and complications and adverse reactions can occur. This is why I ensure that my clients only have their procedures done at accredited facilities, and by the more specialised plastic surgeons. If something does go wrong, youll be glad you elected to be in the best-trained hands in the best-equipped place with the best-trained staff.
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